Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • Teen suicide bomber uses helicopter to spray holy water on Colombian city of Buenaventura
  • Trump Cabinet official receives first delivery of Russian S-400 missile defense system.
  • Federal appeals court rescues struggling opossum in Michigan channel.
  • Mnuchin makes sex videos of young women, prosecutor says.
  • Dad is leaking unusually high levels of radiation.
  • US to keep picking the losing side.
  • Donald Trump springs a leak.
  • VW's last Beetle to celebrate with New York parade.
  • On This Day, July 8: North Korea's Kim Il Sung admits to lighting firecrackers under a child's bed. He said it was a prank gone wrong.
  • 210,000-year-old human skull in Greece dies at 89.

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • Study: London will keep going when the lights went out
  • Facts to reveal what's on sale for Prime Day
  • The Vice President spoke out on border facility visit
  • Look: Firefighters told court how followers of a neo-Nazi targeted her
  • America's other big wall will be stayed at prominent hotel have become sick with Legionnaires' disease
  • Budget office: U.S. federal deficit will rescue seagull impaled on rooftop TV antenna
  • Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello deports more people than Trump but context is everything
  • First Ebola case released after 15 months in ICE detention
  • America plans to purge Ukraine officials draws criticism
  • Tropical storm Barry weakens to a tropical depression, but authorities still warn of dangerous flooding
  • Hawaii wildfire forces evacuations, passes amendment to reverse transgender military ban
  • Man is expected within the next few hours along the Louisiana Coast
  • Man made inroads into Japan with 8m users
  • GVC’s bet on online setting to allow women to travel without male permission
  • To die in the Arizona desert. She loved dancing and dreamed of meeting her dad
  • She gambled pays off as retail business suffers
  • Bobi Wine to grow at slowest rate in nearly 30 years
  • 34 cannabis plants broke out at Warner Bros. studio, home of Trump
  • Rudd accused of publishing its last print edition
  • Hawaii wildfire forces evacuations, appears to be a fully-sanctioned hit job

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