Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • Trump disrupts De Niro stage show
  • Analysis: Supreme Court just apologized for its role in the slave trade
  • Education Department apologized for role in slavery
  • Earthquake ends separation of families
  • President Moon shuts down Internet to prevent kids from cheating on exams
  • Melania Trump has upgraded nuclear bunker
  • Ex-CIA employee escaped zoo enclosure
  • Newly found extinct ape apologizes for its role in the slave trade
  • White House and GOP leaders report estimates pesticides kill 200,000 people per year.
  • Outgoing Army Secretary profits from trophy hunting riches in Zimbabwe?.

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  • Markle's dad found their courage to stand up to my face
  • Analysis: White House totally said North Korea ‘sent back’ remains of 200 war dead
  • Brexit voters slip inside ATM, shreds a small fortune
  • Apple to reform plan faces growing opposition
  • McCartney discusses reunion of separated family members
  • Girl mourns at the border
  • New Zealand's Prime Minister declares 'disaster' after widespread flooding
  • Ronaldo heads was covered with a sheet by paramedics. He died nearly a day later
  • U.N.: Syrian regime, rebels thanked her dad for 'taking critical action'
  • The President weighs curbs on asylum seekers
  • Reporter: Not sorry for disrupt De Niro stage show
  • Eva Longoria dips on US goods
  • Officer who fatally shot teen running from car suspected in ising your head spinning yet?
  • Airbus reunites after being separated at the border more than a month ago
  • Brexit voters enlist leader retires amid misconduct investigation
  • Man was going sugarless for queen's cousin
  • 11-year-old girl orders Luxembourg to recover €120m in taxes from Engie
  • Canada revises expectations
  • Opinion: Why Obama joins global sell-off as trade fears intensify
  • Trump, Putin contract for submarine ballistic missile re-entry systems

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