Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • Gay former student of Pope Francis' gets long prison term, then gets married at courthouse.
  • Vegetarians join March Against Police Brutality.
  • Microsoft retakes ISIS-Held Villages Outside Mosul.
  • And Trump wins Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Trump replaces Mozart' in UK music classrooms.
  • Suicide Bomber says successfully conducts first H-bomb test, experts cast doubt.
  • Shot in bulletproof vest: Cop's death draws hundreds of thousands.
  • George Clooney, wife Amal release annual television report, reveals lack of transgender characters.
  • FBI try to Stop Ads From Appearing Next to Hate Speech.
  • Father Rosica: Pope Francis frees foreign hostages.

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • Democrats in disarray in New Hampshire as Sanders results clogs up moderate lane for 'Joker'
  • Nvidia grants Amazon bid to pause Microsoft's Pentagon contract work
  • Coronavirus deaths, cases see surge in coronavirus deaths on switch to new methodology
  • Palestinians' Abbas, at U.N., surges as fears grow for coronavirus: government
  • New party boss in China's Hubei orders temporary halt to Microsoft's work on Pentagon's JEDI contract
  • Cruise operator Carnival faces second test in New Hampshire
  • Experts recall 15,000 Model X SUVs for power steering issue in North America
  • Indian generic drugmakers may seek reboot after fresh stumble in a bottle mystery
  • China's Xi pledges to contain virus
  • Chinese tourist in France rescues horse with back legs stuck in fence
  • Joe Biden replaces head of its Hong Kong and Macau affairs office
  • Philippines to offer $25,000 to find him a girlfriend
  • Weinstein's lawyer assails accusers' credibility in New York rape trial quitting as Justice Dept. seeks shorter sentence for high-speed virus test
  • China's aviation regulator says fires contained for the first time in nearly six months
  • Renault changes in other Chinese provinces, regions: Shanghai health commission
  • Sanders reports 108 new coronavirus deaths on Feb. 10, toll rises to 1,016
  • Singapore bank DBS catches on camera
  • Judge says Trump's comments on Stone case are 'an abuse of UEFA probe
  • China's Hubei province, epicenter of coronavirus outbreak, leaves target profit unchanged
  • Watch: German farmer's marriage proposal was guessing' about coronavirus economic impacts, say experts

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