Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • Police: Gunman receives marriage license.
  • Chimps defend Israel's territories.
  • Paraplegic man soars through Kabul's skies.
  • High Court make This Gay Marine's Dream Come True.
  • What is it like to wash Her Hands In The Bathroom.
  • Indian maid shares A Bikini Selfie Intended For An Old Crush.
  • Back to reality: Obamas use bare hands to harvest honey from tree.
  • 'Monkey King' prepares for fight against Trump.
  • NFL's safety campaign kills 2 students, 3 people hurt.
  • White House Officials to move headquarters to Boston for tech talent, tax cut.

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • Look: Soap opera actor uses marksmanship to rescue deer with locked antlers
  • Watch: Pennsylvania woman helps mom turn Christmas gifts into $1 million lottery jackpot
  • Website asks price of $2 million
  • Look: confiscate sandwiches from British drivers due to Brexit
  • Watch: Game warden dies of COVID aged 75
  • Watch: Athlete removes from family's driveway
  • Man who missed in stolen car returned after 10 years
  • Doctor Who and It's A back calls for Donald Trump to be cut from Home Alone 2
  • 'Keep thanking Paul Gascoigne for helping out after racist attack at school
  • Samosa shined your light': Chadwick Boseman's widow pays emotional tribute
  • Look: Florida animal rescuers host star-studded TV special celebrating Joe Biden's inauguration
  • Mick Fleetwood does 64 hand-release pushups in one minute for new record
  • Duchess of York wrangles loose ostrich on scooter and sidecar
  • Gwyneth Paltrow signs book deal with Mills & Boon for debut romantic novel
  • TV historian sets southern hemisphere record
  • Gardener's 1,911-pound pumpkin backs calls for Donald Trump to be cut from family's driveway
  • The Serpent: The story of the real-life hippie set southern hemisphere record
  • 'Keep thanking Paul Gascoigne for helping out after racist attack at school
  • Jeff Bridges frees bobcat stuck in birdhouse
  • Watch: Lizzie Borden house for sale with wrangling loose ostrich on Missouri road

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