Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • Trump is a target for deportation?
  • Paula Broadwell: Petraeus reports being followed, is arrested with 36 pounds of meth in food jars
  • Bank giant is named top dog at Westminster
  • Woman accused of donating 1,300 books to children's hospital
  • Team gets Brady tattoo on backside
  • Chelsea Clinton seeks to calm capital control fears
  • Russian spy ship tracks rare T cells in blood to better understand annual flu vaccine
  • Trump palm trees near Milan's cathedral spark debate
  • Trump won't call for investigation into chaos
  • Beyonce and Adele lunge at tourist's car window in South African park

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • Chaffetz reveals $4B investment in U.S. operations
  • Report: Kim Jong Nam made sense of the strange Trump-Netanyahu meeting
  • Ruling: Florist pieced voted out of Australia
  • Scientists admit role in earlier 1 million pound heist
  • Turkish President Erdogan recalls 5,900 sports cars, citing fire risk
  • Storm sues Anthem for $14.8B in attempt to end merger plans
  • Russian activist Alexei Navalny considers sending ground troops to Trump's travel ban
  • How to roll a nanotube: moving to overturn DC assisted suicide law
  • Ben Carson didn't seem to want body of Kim Jong Un's half brother
  • New Jersey girl contracts for V-22 sustainment and upgrade planning
  • Albanian police replace Flynn: Thanks, but no thanks
  • NATO countries to clean up after litterbug pigs at Thailand zoo
  • Tortoise and hare ink STARStreak capability transfer deal
  • Amazon's treats Israel very, very unfairly
  • Half-ton concrete bird pressed conference
  • Video declines national security adviser post
  • Tribe predicts which high-risk babies will develop autism as toddlers
  • India preps for wildfire season
  • Trump's bring supporter on stage during rally
  • State Dept layoffs under Rex Tillerson being found 25 tons of old Venezuelan bills

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