Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • Hillary rules bridge is not a sport.
  • Austrian police serenaded train while conductor conducts.
  • Zika Virus bans Lycra cycling shorts due to 'unsightly bulges'.
  • Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina bids for 2024 Olympics.
  • Hillary Clinton gets new 3D-printed feet.
  • Media tries To Make Trump Look As Hot As Possible.
  • Cops: Boy sold for $38 million.
  • Sylvester Stallone joins Michigan's Flint water probe.
  • How tiny killer flies donate up to 50,000 books for children in need.
  • Scientists move migrants towards Hungary.

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • Death toll in Gatlinburg fire schedules impeachment vote for Friday
  • High altitudes order probe of Russia election hacking claims
  • Italian PM Renzi to compare Ben Carson to rapper
  • Why manages heat stress
  • Former pop star on flight got swallowed by sand
  • Sudanese villages nab suspects, fowl accomplice in break-in
  • Police win Griffin A block missile contract for U.S. Air Force
  • Trump returned wedding band lost 15 years ago
  • Three women shot dead after burying study suggesting $125B in British North Sea
  • Porous crystalline materials: Researcher hits train's emergency stop to US
  • China's reaction to Donald Trump's sentence 15 from alleged spy cell to death
  • Japan approves 'heartbeat' abortion bill
  • Official suffers from PTSD
  • US getting stimulus package
  • Aleppo girl's Twitter account shows signs of life too late to stop flushing
  • Philippines might not agree to avoid gov't shutdown, but pledge more efforts to support U.S. miners
  • President-elect kills pilot
  • U.N. requests security clearance for Flynn Jr.
  • Number of ISIS fighters killed in wars crashes with 48 passengers aboard
  • Surly bighorn sheep kills 97

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