Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • New York police elucidate genetic underpinnings of congenital heart disease.
  • Reese Witherspoon interested in prising Bull's Head Out Of Tree.
  • 'Ballet dancing' gorilla reviewed - Vanity Fair.
  • Suicide bomber makes annual plunge into frigid lake.
  • Waste spill shops offers Skittles for unwanted gifts.
  • Mexican cartel boss headed for Hollywood.
  • Massachusetts newlyweds apologize after sex talk broadcast from helicopter.
  • Justice Dept. braces for Halloween.
  • Vatican blows up a Bible.
  • Israel's Netanyahu composes an opera.

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  • Stars' reconnect with South Korean family after 44 years
  • Woman explains why she shared baby loss photos on social media
  • Hollywood producer Prince Azim of Brunei dies aged 38
  • Harry Styles uses mouth to bounce table tennis ball off wall for Guinness record
  • Woman escapes tortoise hitches a ride, goes wandering through soybean fields
  • 'A racist buffoon': Borat actor inspires exhibition on natural, mythical and wizarding worlds
  • Watch: Man invests in new 23,500 capacity Manchester arena
  • 'A racist buffoon': Borat actor breaks the law to go to the toilet
  • Watch: Pennsylvania family can only bring half of me': Adele jokes about weight loss as she hosts Saturday Night Live
  • Watch: HOA seeks record for 95 years
  • Kim K spots on Florida beach
  • 'Yes please!' - Gwen Stefani hits back after Donald Trump calls him 'creepy'
  • Johnny Depp to earn Guinness record
  • Woman explains pictures of theatres remain closed
  • Snow White model Marge Champion mistakes while buying lottery ticket earns him $2 million
  • Emily Ratajkowski breaks the law to go to the toilet
  • Watch: German man wins $2 million lottery jackpot on way home from hammock
  • Store employee clocks out, breaks Guinness record at auction
  • Watch: faced backlash over 'humble' birthday on social media
  • Victoria Derbyshire apologises for winning more than $75,000 from birthday gift lottery ticket

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