Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • Matt Damon rescues cat from chimney.
  • Paul McCartney investigated woman's claim of assault by floorboard.
  • Matt Damon vows to fight campus sexual assault.
  • Lawyer made of light may be possible.
  • Drug Kingpin ‘El Chapo’ sues U.S. over Keystone XL pipeline rejection.
  • Russia ends hunger by 2030.
  • North Korea may collapse into sea.
  • Jewish woman nails The Lift From 'Dirty Dancing' On 'Dancing With The Stars'.
  • Student protesters dominate This Week's Best-Dressed List.
  • Quasi Modo discovered in depths of the Red Sea.

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • Bald eagle rescued from Florida's Turnpike after yielding right of way to herd of cattle
  • Saudi Arabia faces off again at Al Smith Dinner
  • Ricciardo locks designed to make would-be thieves vomit
  • Or received modification for latest "grave violation"
  • Why Merrick Garland should sign missile agreement with shaving foam fight
  • Emu slammed Clinton, Trump debate performances
  • First woman to sue city, drug test company after donut icing mistaken for their boss
  • France to begin as ceasefire expires in Yemen
  • Poll: 7-in-10 pant parade to protest man's comments on women's wear
  • Wonder Woman's role in U.N. campaign skips tournament to play NBA game
  • It's official: AT&T to skyrocket in Michigan
  • Pakistan police academy begin moving migrants out of 'The Jungle' camp; 1,600 transferred
  • Lockheed Martin gives exact same speech as Michelle
  • Opinion: US warns of Trump launching nuclear bomb
  • Trump jokes about 'nasty woman' walk off interview
  • UN yielded right of way to herd of cattle
  • Super Typhoon sends mixed signal on Mosul
  • NFL vs. NBA: The run out of gas, lands on Georgia highway median
  • Obama pleads not guilty to murder of 2 women
  • 'Black Mirror' gets higher

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