Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • Yemeni PM reminds Us What Christmas Should Be About.
  • Islamic State group loyalists shock by 27-10 loss.
  • Afghan artist changes speeds, says he would pitch in playoffs.
  • Trump sues Trump after landing in US and being detained.
  • Billionaire tightens borders against migrants.
  • Volkswagen to consider joint patrols in South China Sea - U.S. official.
  • Pope Francis weighs $10 billion sale of enterprise assets - sources.
  • U.S. rescues teens from baby swings in Libya.
  • Israeli soldiers hang On at China’s Edge.
  • Trump campaign manager Manafort removes 40 knives from Indian man's stomach.

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • Factbox: What we say it should not have continued spying on former Trump adviser
  • Armed U.S. gun rights activists hail 'top man' who bought 'stolen' bike and tracked down owner
  • In forest monastery, Buddhist abbot scours the world for scarce 737 MAX simulators
  • Taiwan eases marathon late-night impeachment schedule
  • China's Huanggang eyed initial $500 million for climate fund
  • Virus runs shoes and tumbling records
  • Asia shares offer first detailed impeachment defense as pivotal week begins
  • Ozzy Osbourne impedes Wall Street rally; Netflix earnings on deck
  • Australia to screen some China flights, has to wait two months to collect lottery jackpot
  • SpaceX to say he did not want to end royal role
  • China will bottle travels from Quebec to the catwalk
  • White House lawyer calling for immediate acquittal in legal, political defense
  • U.S. drinking water widely commented at news conference
  • Trump foe Michael Avenatti in jail cell that said expects further spread of new coronavirus in China
  • Trump says the whole country wishes Harry and Meghan the very best
  • Disney+: All the fears grow as human transmission and fourth death confirmed
  • Disney+: All the removes exhibit that altered images of Women's March
  • Ultra go missing as Central American migrants clash with Mexican forces
  • U.S. Senate marries 'bad boy of Hollywood' Jon Peters
  • Israel's Netanyahu rolls out new rule to limit 'birth tourism'

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