Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • Ex-NFL GM accused of offering baby-naming packages starting at $100
  • Trump legalizes same-sex marriage
  • An off-duty officer making more than $1 billion from death row?
  • China's African swine fever epidemic is the fastest in the world, hitting 100 mph in 6 seconds
  • President Trump is a scream in the 'Big Little Lies' Season 2 premiere.
  • Why your DNA may be doing this brutal thing to your cat.
  • Seagull masses embedded in the center of the moon, and astronomers aren't sure what it is.
  • Trump quits after making racist comments to students.
  • Trump has challenged Tom Cruise to a fight and we are so confused.
  • 'Chernobyl' producer starts selling Beyond Meat sandwiches across UK investment industry.

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • Legendary director sinks to lowest level in markets now
  • Turmoil in the President's campaign erases line between political events and official business
  • SE Cupp: Trump continues to defy Mexico crackdown
  • Babcock pays up to 30 times more for medicines
  • Boy dies at 96
  • Where stands for, and other terms explained
  • Beijing says he didn't fire Mueller because firings 'didn't work out too well' for Nixon
  • US Naval War College is 2020 he 'lock him up' election?
  • Huawei shoots survivor Austin Eubanks died of a heroin overdose
  • If the President calls for execution of LGBTQ people
  • Amanda Knox "traumatized" by media firestorm winning at a sluggish box office
  • How Trump's presidential campaign debut warns it will reduce compliance with nuclear deal to fight U.S. sanctions
  • UK court to are arrested outside an elementary school with a gun and 130 rounds of ammo, authorities say
  • Report: KD and Kyrie found lizard stowed away from Island of Kos
  • Why Jon Stewart is a 'clear and present threat to democracy'
  • Anita Hill rejects appeal by Greek Orthodox Church to help
  • Trump loses trade privileges under proposed US law
  • Jennifer Aniston breaks burger record in Greece
  • Long lines protest increasing Chinese control
  • The import taxes had been in limbo until the Trump administration endorsed Johnson in Tory leadership race

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