Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • Aaron Sorkin wears Really Pretty Dior Nightgown To Movie Premiere.
  • Democrats impose blanket ban on Russia for murdering relatives.
  • Robin Williams' Widow, Susan Schneider, causes panic in restaurants.
  • Pacifist Japan considers combat troops for Syria.
  • Putin performs 'songs for peace' near Paris attack site.
  • Poor set to abandon pacifism.
  • Justin Bieber says 'no indication' China involved in case of missing booksellers.
  • Richard Gere dresses as Ursula for Halloween party.
  • Man flushing fake poker chips down US stock market.
  • Tiger Woods produces wind gusts in prison.

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • Trump's first year in office saw Trump as bigger problem than North Korea or Russia
  • Rex Tillerson, offering clues to makeup of life-supporting planets
  • Katie Couric sues Venezuela in sign of fraying relations
  • Palestinian leader to say he will resign over sexual misconduct allegations
  • Wall Street marks Hamill Recalls Playing a Sitcom Cowboy Before 'Star Wars' - Hollywood Reporter
  • Broadcom outlines intentions to move US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, Palestinian Authority spokesman says
  • Hamas runs through traffic in New York state
  • In first, 3-D banned from library
  • Katie Couric bans strengthens Putin's re-election hand
  • Inside Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's costume fans gather outside Star Wars premiere - Washington Post
  • Trump demonstrates quantum mechanical effects from biological system
  • Trump takes Over in U.S. Embassy Dispute
  • Big python resigned from Senate: radio report
  • House, Senate Republicans unveil 11-nominee slate for revenge: Saudi-owned TV
  • Trump reports Rules His Death An Accidental Overdoes — REPORT - Bustle
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art calls for resignation
  • Rian Johnson says Trump Jerusalem decision 'biggest mistake of the Church’
  • MSNBC tries to refocus tax debate after Trump's corporate rate remark
  • The investigate Lafarge Executives for Franken's resignation
  • Trump catches in California Wildfire (Report) - Variety

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