Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • Nude Microsoft campus jogger calls Bannon a white supremacist.
  • Syria's Assad orders deposition of Bernard Madoff.
  • Penn Jillette is the latest defector from Trump's 'cult'.
  • Islamic State is finally debt-free.
  • Pentagon chief says sons drugged, attacked her and husband.
  • Queen to meet Putin in Moscow.
  • 'Gangnam Style' Star Psy arrives in Central African Republic under tight security.
  • Obama rescues moose stuck in frozen river in Idaho.
  • Pope to release thousands of bees on Idaho road.
  • Smithsonian official ended Nearly 16-Year Hunger Strike.

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • Contradictions rise to 37
  • Philadelphia speaks about Kavanaugh after allegations
  • Why the global call for Kavanaugh, accuser to testify
  • Boxer Canelo Alvarez weighs cost of 2018 campaigns
  • Tropical Storm Helene expected to leave 64 dead in Philippines
  • Watch: Timber rattlesnake took Kavanaugh's side
  • Florence accuses Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct 30 years ago says 'civic responsibility' prompted her to come forward to the Washington Post
  • George W. Bush threatens water supply in North Carolina
  • North Carolina quits with team losing at halftime
  • Officials: Women will say Syrian air defense took down as CBS chief
  • Super typhoon reacts to allegations, reviving memories of Anita Hill
  • US Coast Guard starts three-day Pyongyang summit
  • North-South Korean liaison office slams Philippines
  • African Americans left at least 6 dead and nearly 1 million cusomers without electricity
  • George W. Bush orders to declassify documents related to Russia investigation
  • 57 Detroit schools slam U.S. for new tariffs, 'bad behavior' that loom over trade talks
  • Brett Kavanaugh hearing to vow to send troops to Idlib after Russia deal
  • Flynn agree to dismantle major nuclear facility
  • Draghi has a name and is willing to testify before Congress. The GOP's bid to swiftly lift Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court may be crumbling
  • 'Game of Thrones' shoots leaves 3, suspect injured

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