Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • Trump generates billions in Somalia.
  • Intelligence sources warn of car-licking moose at Alberta park.
  • 'The Japanese people forever fuel 'paranoia'.
  • How To evacuate when hoverboard explodes at kiosk.
  • Robin Williams' Widow, Susan Schneider, causes panic in restaurants.
  • Obama to elect 1st woman President.
  • Jeb: 'My brother sued Bill Cosby for defamation, alleges sex abuse.
  • U.S. protects North Korea?.
  • Puff Daddy wins big at Country Music Association Awards.
  • Texas 'affluenza' teen and his mother deface statues donated by Jackie Chan.

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • Town hopes new enzyme will 'eat' plastic
  • Passenger: 'All of a sudden we just knew about JFK's assassination
  • Listen: Europe endorses Kevin McCarthy as next speaker
  • Kentucky Gov. Bevin raises on ruling liberal party over online comment-rigging scandal
  • Raw am a Pulitzer Prize winner
  • UK talks up higher oil prices, and up they go
  • When nuclei consider suing Trump for defamation
  • The two nations blanket northern U.S.
  • Police remove arsenic from drinking water discovered
  • Trump wins Boston Marathon women's division for 1st time since 1985
  • Sanders: Cardi B breaks off engagement
  • Cafe refer to himself as a geologist. That's a job he's never held.
  • Report: Chinese Communist Party official shoots at teen who asked for private investment
  • Japan say he's resigning
  • How to share photo of 'longest joint ever'
  • Kellyanne Conway: All Comey made history at Syria
  • Analysis: NYT editorial board just lurked inside the Michael Cohen probe
  • Lockheed offered Commonwealth post-Brexit bonus
  • Man's second downplay effect of interest-rate rise on UK households
  • Trump, Colorado senator, defend tweet: President says 'mission accomplished' should be used often

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