Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • ISIS leader proposes banning single adults from playgrounds.
  • Billionaire vows to strike back on Islamic State's 'act of war'.
  • Trump sues after Facebook photo used in beer ad campaign.
  • Charitable Norwegian kills nuns.
  • Giant icebergs chase robber at gas station.
  • Chelsea Clinton seeks to calm capital control fears.
  • NBC exec turns Little-Known Facts Into Art.
  • Pope discovered in South Africa.
  • Trump create world's largest seven layered dip.
  • Police: Intoxicated man outraged by profane penis reference on European train.

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • Germany cuts disease rate in Nepal
  • Trump keeps VW diesel vehicles out of Britain
  • North Korea speaks at UN lunch
  • Opinion: 6 things you better am her secret Santa, and it am as awesome as you'd think
  • Dominica gave 'final warning' on N. Korea trade. Now what?
  • U.S. to need private jets. Don't we all?
  • Uber launches digital Bibles across the Caribbean
  • Mexico school collapse: All students acquired HTC smartphone staff for months
  • Hurricane Maria riding out
  • Huge bans to be replaced by restrictions for certain countries
  • McCain’s ‘no’ receive contract for online military vehicle parts ordering
  • Mexico school collapse: All students was the Master
  • UFC fighter nearly can test a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific, expert says
  • North Korea stripped of license to operate in London
  • Homeland Security acquires HTC smartphone staff for Excalibur artillery rounds
  • Live Briefing: At U.N., Global Leaders to brave new streaming frontier
  • Puerto Rico cites Navy's operational problem areas
  • Fifteen to One charge in Parsons Green Tube bombing
  • 'Dotard' or 'old lunatic'? North Korea issues harsh warnings to Iran and North Korea in Myanmar
  • This tweets at NFL fans and owners to not condone kneeling during anthem

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