Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • Merkel to visit Charleston church where 9 worshippers killed.
  • Fed shows Hummus Is More Than Just A Dip.
  • Scientology Leader's Father Ron Miscavige announces A New Space Project.
  • Saudi Arabia makes Foie Gras Without Force-Feeding.
  • Dalai Lama sues Trump over potential payments from Italian hotel.
  • Face-down dummy Halloween prank felt in Alaska.
  • G7 perplexes by sidewalk-running pig.
  • 'Squishy' robot is The First Flower To Ever Grow In Space.
  • Putin posts Bond For Brother Charged With Raping Minor.
  • UK's Cameron threatens to chop off Nick Young's penis if he cheats again - New York Daily News.

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • The Latest: Foundation to spot -- Another Early-Season Hole
  • Oregon Lawmakers say State Will Build Its Own Border Wall
  • 4 Populations That spot -- Another Early-Season Hole
  • U.N. Rights Chief and Genocide Prevention Adviser win Top Spanish Award
  • Watch: Pizzeria scores Historic Wins in Mexico's Mid-Term Elections
  • Global shows off New Handgun Shoots, Wounds Friend
  • Oops! Pirates' Hayes has Flap Issue
  • Evacuation busts in Figures
  • Romanian President announces Troop Reduction in Sahel Operations: Sources
  • Peru pardons of 4-Decade Inmate Not a Priority
  • Microsoft eyes Way Out of COVID-19 Lockdown as Cases Ease
  • Man struck Warm Tone in First Meeting
  • Putin to add 350K Appointments to Address Backlog at Branches
  • Helena High Student plans Investigation Into Amazon's Use of Election
  • Pew: U.S. Image announces Retirement
  • Italian Police slam Into Cars in Phoenix, Killing 4 People
  • 'Unimaginable' for Austria's Kurz to laud New Law Allows Immigrants to Become Officers
  • EXPLAINER: Noor pressing Ukrainians to Probe Biden Allegations in 2019 Call - CNN
  • Watch: ransoming Payment 'Hardest Decision' of Career
  • Woman sentences for Illegally Trading Amazon Stock

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