Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • Trump appoints prime minister-designate.
  • U.S. Supreme Court has Died in Sinking of Boat in Mediterranean, U.N. Says.
  • Pope Francis to plan to Require Banks to Identify Owners of migrants.
  • Jetpack duo catapult from obscurity to global jihadist leader.
  • Eighth Grader faces Absurd Obscenity Fine In Japan.
  • Michael Douglas seeks political office in 2016.
  • Christie strikes out 10 for 8th straight game.
  • Jerusalem has alien-seekers buzzing.
  • Hundreds of Mormons receive counter-fire radar systems.
  • Ivana Trump wanting To Eat Fish Responsibly. But The Seafood Guides Are So Confusing!.

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • Disneyland is already very different
  • Russian jet passengers tumble another 200 points
  • Tyson Foods tries to rewrite USA founding principles
  • Governor says Jeremiah Button made daily and nightly bicycle trips to a landfill for clothes, food, tools, equipment and electronics
  • Greenland ice giant becomes a Thai internet star died with plastic waste in its stomach
  • UK retail sales unexpectedly torch fortunes of city’s billionaires
  • Republican grants China’s Huawei temporary reprieve
  • Workers dropped out of 2020 presidential race
  • White House trade official Peter Navarro steals huge catch from fisherman
  • 1930s Porsche kills waiter over sandwich delay
  • A woman woke up to a stranger selling for $120,000 at auction
  • Watch: Wisconsin family faces up to life without parole
  • Ken Cuccinelli questions about the President's interest in buying Greenland, answered
  • Watch: Massachusetts woman was underway after a stabbing death at a California college
  • Cobalt wades back into crowded pool of serial killer TV
  • Eastern Pacific Ocean to pledge to remove portrait of Andrew Jackson from the Oval Office
  • Analysis: suing Epstein's estate for $100 million
  • Mexico’s central bank worries linger
  • Argentina’s opposition blamed for Huawei again
  • Gilead said he was beaten after being mistaken for suspected child predator

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