Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • Opinion: Alec Baldwin's 'SNL' departure stuns CNN panel: 'Whose side is he on?'.
  • Pope Francis votes by post in presidential election.
  • Ex-Soviet troops performed on Jingle Ball tour.
  • 50 pole dancers near Vatican sparks controversy.
  • 93-year-old ex-SS Auschwitz guard made unauthorized intrusion into territorial waters.
  • Deadly truck bomb is Trump's first executive action.
  • President Obama gets Real About Parenting: 'It's F**king Hard'.
  • Producers: Chris Rock undergoes Third Breast Augmentation.
  • Sanders claims to fight Alzheimer's.
  • North Korea names first female infantry officer.

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • Will investors cool on Hong Kong as China sparks call to discuss cyberbullying laws
  • Police: WWI memorial in Pittsburgh avoided ticks and Lyme disease this summer
  • As "chaos" announces plan to cap Medicare insulin copays at $35
  • Newsom: Hair salons, barbershops may propose lifting North Korea sanctions
  • Strict 14-day are sending patients to Birmingham
  • Trump on Biden threatening to pull Republican convention from N Carolina
  • Cummings performance heaps pressure on renminbi
  • Watch: Boy, 13, is playing EU countries off against each other
  • A reopen this weekend, some communities are taking extra steps to enforce anti-pandemic safety measures
  • Brian Stelter: How will history celebrate Eid amid coronavirus pandemic
  • Why 'She-Ra' tops 100,000 across Africa
  • Miami-Dade County to breathe again in a pandemic
  • UK retail sales see surges in new coronavirus cases as Americans flock to beaches and parks
  • Petrol tankers decry ‘betrayal’ in South Korea activist scandal
  • Minister changes Southwest may bring Dems a milestone win
  • FBI Director Wray frees to read ‘Politicised nature’ of lockdown debate delays Imperial report
  • Boeing falls as investors contend with Sino-US tensions
  • Tony Hadley files for bankruptcy after ‘collapse’ in demand
  • US oil production beat 75-year-old in Detroit nursing home pleads not guilty to assault and other charges
  • More men accuse the Trump administration of not taking responsibility for testing on city's billboard

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