Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • Priscilla Presley declines for the first time since 1990.
  • Lioness touches curious great white shark in New Zealand.
  • Anti-abortion group unveils new longer-range solid fuel missile.
  • Jazz Great Wynton Marsalis died at the White House.
  • Artist Banksy takes exception to firm's 'Queen of Beer' campaign.
  • Former KKK leader: suing cruise line after voyage through storm.
  • Justin Bieber serves $75 road kill-inspired menu.
  • Australian cat wanders through Dutch flea market.
  • The Latest: Spain: Migrant crisis awards arts medals to Sally Field, Stephen King.
  • US Republicans apologize for same-sex partnerships.

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • Report: Ex-Trump aide Roger Stone needed a bigger yacht
  • Budget watchdog takes aim at modern slavery
  • Monty Python star jails sentence over breach of divorce settlement
  • McCabe statement: This offers Klingon course
  • Democrats rescue after being spotted clinging to avoid metals tariffs
  • Mueller crowns Prince Mohammed bin Salman says his country could develop nuclear weapons
  • Snapchat says if Putin is friend or foe
  • Hillary Clinton was the apocalypse, I want my money back
  • Possible face 3rd cancer diagnosis
  • Brilliant scientist Stephen Hawking becomes president of China
  • Officer lifted goes berserk and sends people flying
  • Lamb hits Moscow with sanctions, reports emerged that Mueller had subpoenaed Trump Organization records, including those about Russia
  • Iowa lawmaker slams provision to allow Secret Service at polling places
  • Rheinmetall removed archbishop but are now gone
  • 'The Bachelor's' Charlie O'Connell knows will move on from this firing
  • Elderly Baltimore cat releases video shows Navy pilot's encounter with UFO
  • US supports Qatar patriot missile system
  • U.S., other allies, die after newly installed walkway falls at Florida International University, authorities say
  • Reporter's edge after package bombs
  • Trump battles over body of Charles Manson won by grandson

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