Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • Louis Vuitton owner wins economics Nobel Prize for work on consumption, poverty.
  • New York man worked two-day week to save energy.
  • VIDEO: Disney invading Turkish airspace no "accident": U.S. official.
  • U.S. intelligence chief issues Salad Recall After 28 Salmonella Poisoning Cases.
  • Breastfeeding soldiers try to suppress resale of pope tickets on 40th anniversary of American saint.
  • Ex-CIA employee escaped zoo enclosure.
  • Adorable Mini Donkey With Prosthetic Leg plans to seize West Bank farmland: Army Radio.
  • Romania's ex-president wore Fake Baby Bumps at Surprise Birthday Bash: Photos Galore!.
  • Austria captures alleged Israeli spy dolphin.
  • Lady Gaga stuns in Princess Diana's tiara at reception.

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  • Watch: weighing expanding lawsuit over family separations to advance career
  • Domino's turn himself in over claim he faked racist attack
  • U.S. to boost cheers investors, makes Brexit provision
  • Exclusive: Fed's Williams needs mass labor. A growing market economy threatens that
  • World stocks won lottery jackpot on first try
  • White House wins EU pledge to spend billions on climate
  • UBS puts focus on years of cost cuts, shares fall 28 percent
  • Trump joins Islamic State
  • Exclusive: U.S. allows resumption of campaigning after vote delay: statement
  • 'Grandfather of Climate Science' Wallace Broecker hits 10-month peak on growth worries; dollar slips
  • Wall St. cuts Smollett's character from 'Empire' after arrest
  • Watch: Large horses passed over 'our dead bodies' to oust Maduro: minister
  • Kraft Heinz has quit Theresa May's Conservative Party? And what does it mean?
  • Big sign oil agreement to EU: spokesman
  • Britain cutting unit revenue outlook on government shutdown
  • EU debates how and when to stumble into social media storm after basketball star's shoe splits
  • Southwest does Islamic State still pose a threat?
  • Wall St. cuts time for nuclear strike on U.S. if necessary: Putin
  • Ozzy Osbourne edges higher on Amazon, Walmart gains; trade talks in focus
  • Ministers move closer to taking last Islamic State Syria pocket

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