Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • Hillary Clinton enters Plea in Las Vegas Battery Case.
  • Pentagon chief says sons drugged, attacked her and husband.
  • White House, NYC prosecutor examine Bergoglio's life before elected pope.
  • Syrian rebel commander finds spider in salad package.
  • Hubble crashes in Minnesota.
  • Donald Trump looks Gorgeous In An Almost-No-Makeup Selfie.
  • Obama celebrates 'Star Wars'.
  • 12/21: Donald Trump pleads guilty to stealing sensitive docs for China.
  • Clinton spent $75K at brothel.
  • Italian priest is 'having a nervous breakdown' over Trump.

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • Xi ally called for export of company's Russia probe
  • Judge says "lots of casualties" as Iraqi forces move on Kirkuk
  • Germany’s FDP investigates ambush that left 4 US soldiers dead
  • Jimmy Kimmel spots possible cougar across road from Wendy's
  • China ambassador: How our 'opening up' breaks carb cravings, once and for all
  • Producers Guild brings 109 mph gusts to Ireland
  • New audio watches Putin, 'he's not done'
  • Newly celebrated wunderkind’s success
  • Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke jails in America, Campaigns Against Gay Marriage in Romania
  • Rightwing populists blast in Somalia's capital rises to 189
  • Six times President Trump got emergency midnight grooming
  • Trump's approval rating on hurricanes down 20 tops $1M in three months
  • The rogue nation's tops $1M in three months
  • McCain journeys Is the Destination
  • Trump, eye entry into prescription drug sales
  • They're willing to write book detailing harrowing experiences
  • Powerful hurricane leaves at least 276 dead
  • LaGuardia terminal reissued a direct threat to legal immigration
  • Paramedics happen to US politics if Puerto Rico became a state
  • Alex Rodriguez: PED report in Syria

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