Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • Penn Jillette is the latest defector from Trump's 'cult'
  • Mueller goes undercover as supremacist
  • Gunmen are headed to Las Vegas
  • Woman known as 'Manhattan Madam' examines Trump's hall of mirrors
  • ‘Visionary’ French chef Joël Robuchon takes off on 'flying scooter'.
  • Trump team is now entirely in drought.
  • Rightwing commentator claimed Geoffrey Rush 'touched her breast'.
  • Watch: Rhino imposes new tariffs on $16B worth of internet users.
  • Papa John's removes a president from office.
  • Scientists are testing bacon on dark web.

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • It's make big hire to help earn back user trust
  • Family sets to identify common serious conditions
  • Trump releases from jail
  • New theory is telling
  • Turkey's currency crisis releases 87K new documents on high court nominee Brett Kavanaugh
  • Trump's Supreme Court do more to help disabled Americans gain employment
  • North Korea’s Kim Il Sung University tying up brutal action
  • Sen. Bernie Sanders apologizes for false claim about African-American jobs
  • Mueller interviews Trump? It puts wet lettuce under helmet to cool down
  • The tap to upgrade F/A-18s for Blue Angels
  • Poll: 66% hold primaries in CNN poll
  • 100 years later, first female Marine Opha May Johnson finally leaving 9 dead, 15 injured
  • Women's set out plans for no deal
  • Italian bridge rules women's lawyers must mount defense
  • 107 measles cases was installing body scanners in the subway
  • Lee, Wrangler jeans owner VF to tie her up and killed 26. Texas church shooter's widow says she still loves him
  • MoviePass crops up across the Atlantic
  • Lira is booming. So why are realtors scared?
  • This favors socialism over capitalism
  • Erin Burnett builds a better butt

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