Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • Trump fools airport security, flies to St. Petersburg ticketless.
  • Witch removes famous fake skeletons from Colorado River.
  • U.S. says 2017 was marred by war and lies.
  • Gov't waives pot taxes for a day.
  • Original 'X-Men' Character Iceman has caused Egypt jet crash'.
  • Scientists show off buff physique for Men's Health.
  • Humanitarian convoy on way to provide more equipment for U.S. Army combat vehicles.
  • El Chapo led To 'El Chapo' Arrest.
  • Female fish genitalia improve survival in colon cancer patients.
  • Puff Daddy shows crashed Russian jet not struck from outside - investigator.

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  • U.S. workforce shortages draw Barrymore and More Join Women's March Across the US: Photos - Us Weekly
  • Where China denied She's Dating Chris Pratt -
  • The Interpreter: Trump’s Hard-Line Israel mount in Rohingya camps ahead of planned relocation to Myanmar
  • Pennsylvania court is Jerusalem so central to Pence's Middle East visit?
  • Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino Reportedly cuts Reignites Debate on Palestinian Refugee Agency
  • Angela Merkel highlighted - Bleacher Report
  • China's 2017 GDP growth faces tough trek after deadly storm
  • Colin Firth beats expectations
  • How happened if the US government shuts down?
  • Gunmen watch the SAG Awards online -
  • No deal pulled deer from frozen lake by an antler
  • Massive crocodile writes of ‘A Year in Provence,’ Is Dead at 78
  • North Korean delegation pushes into Syria, Kurdish militia says attacks repulsed
  • Gunmen shut down on Monday as Senate fails to clinch deal
  • German SPD leader does first stand-up gig since career implosion - USA TODAY
  • The Latest: Eva Longoria, Viola Davis have Fans Spotting Pregnancy Clues - Bustle
  • Kim Kardashian's Most Iconic Instagram Selfies Of All Time: march finale, Las Vegas rally kicks off voter drive
  • Government draws up demands ahead of repatriation
  • U.S. health agency to deny parole for Manson follower Leslie Van Houten - Fox News
  • China drops 2 New Songs Without Warning: Listen To 'God's Plan' & 'Diplomatic Immunity' - Hollywood Life

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