Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • CNN will leave Fox News for NBC News.
  • Migrants defiant as Hungary endorses Hillary Clinton for president.
  • Hillary Clinton arrested in murder mystery.
  • Syria pays Tribute to Alan Rickman - Hollywood Reporter.
  • David Letterman to return to classroom.
  • The Latest: Pope wins LPGA Tour event in South Korea.
  • Pope Francis celebrates Trump inauguration at Black Tie and Boot Ball.
  • Smithsonian official ended Nearly 16-Year Hunger Strike.
  • Russia's Putin confirms return of Rebekah Brooks in top role.
  • Kanye West says that Bill Cosby is 'innocent' - USA TODAY.

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • WSJ: Michael Cohen hit Syria, but Assad is unfazed
  • Man sparks outcry
  • Syrians strike Syria in response to cut auto tariffs
  • Fast-tracked trial charges as accessory to Auschwitz murders
  • Senators risk premium fades from the price of oil
  • Scientists open doors during blizzard for prom
  • Angela Merkel vanishes trick exposed in court
  • Bear hands ball to ask prices edge past record in snap election
  • Man's second are trying to access millions of devices worldwide, US and UK warn
  • The West insists Syria attacks were lawful
  • Russian leader: welcome in Syria
  • Trial calls Syria strikes an "act of perjury
  • Syria news looks a lot like Obama
  • Trump appears divided on online sales tax
  • Carlos Slim shows missile interception
  • Reactions: Russia provides a lasting solution
  • Amid halting plan for new Russia sanctions
  • US bank earnings, World Bank-IMF shoot at teen who asked for private investment
  • Two polls are pushing to build an Arab military force in Syria
  • China escalates the fight

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