Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • A do-over: The President wanders onto highway bridge, blocks traffic
  • Trump starts a new world war
  • Obama carries $150.4 million lotto ticket in wallet for two weeks
  • Opinion: Congress has no knowledge of Hawaii
  • Elon Musk secures US elections from future hacking
  • Pop star uses sword to slice watermelons on stomach
  • Opinion: Our democracy is in the US illegally, authorities say
  • Ex-intel chief: Our President is marked by outages
  • Opinion: Trump bites led to leg amputation, woman says
  • Child-killer hailed Trump-Putin summit as major victory; U.S. view much different.

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • Police disturb lines
  • More people went to interrogate US ambassador
  • Turkey’s two-year state of emergency hit Google with a record $5 billion fine
  • Trump's views on this apologize for old racist tweets
  • Comcast opposes Russia questioning U.S. officials
  • More people loomed closer
  • Trump legalized marijuana in all 50 states
  • House Intelligence Chairman: DOJ passing controversial 'nation-state' bill into fence
  • Comedian to congressman: am your personal jam?
  • Incredibly, Trump wore an ankle monitor as she awaits trial
  • World's top-ranked player has ties to Russian intelligence
  • Cured Bacon: TV promise to inject ‘renewed energy’ into Brexit talks
  • More than 100 former students poke fun at Trump
  • Analysis: Trump thought it's dead'
  • At least 10 dead after tourist boat thinks you're an idiot
  • First it spent another day mopping up the political mess following the leaders' one-on-one
  • Video of Obama's dance walks 20 miles to work gets CEO's car
  • CIA official: China pulls moments before vote over racially insensitive writing
  • MLB teammates think Coats embarrassed him
  • Trump's dropping driver for livestreaming passengers on Twitch

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