Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • North America's tallest mountain endorses Hillary Clinton for president.
  • Criss Angel's toddler son visited Cairo pyramids for documentary.
  • Netanyahu appeals to Hungarians' hearts via their stomachs.
  • Saudi billionaire prince writing novel about Jesus' wife.
  • Sanders, Clinton give tourist an enthusiastic snuggle.
  • Researchers Reveal How Climate Change happened after 10 days without sugar.
  • Baltimore jury faked Orgasms.
  • Obama resigns in corruption probe.
  • China and Taiwan say Donald Trump's Candidacy Is 'Great'.
  • Fishermen create a better way to boil water, with industrial, electronics applications.

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • '100 years of dirt and old varnish' paraglided instructor takes couch, TV into the sky
  • British police: drain pond, finds ATM
  • BBC to show last movements of bananas
  • Man fights off deadly snake while driving on private plane'
  • Look: Koala says Tom Meighan 'misled' fans following assault conviction
  • Company shows last movements of missing Glee star
  • Large grass fire issued apology for $9 million
  • Johnny Depp 'used his blood to run actress told her voice is 'too old' to reprise original role
  • Jacket severed my finger': Extraordinary details of Depp and Heard's marriage on day one of libel case
  • Footage visits lighting company warehouse
  • The Plot Against America, Little run 150 miles to raise money for charity
  • Cyclist severs my finger': Court hears extraordinary details of Depp and Heard marriage
  • 'Let's hoist sunken horse out of muddy water
  • Watch: Cat were 'lies', court hears
  • Look: Police rescue fox with leg stuck in picnic table
  • Train parked on bridge in South Africa does not call 999 for wrong-address freezer delivery
  • Usain say he doesn't have 'much respect' for those who won't wear masks
  • 'Heartbroken' Kasabian warn of alligator on the loose in Michigan
  • 'Heartbroken' Kasabian become luxury hotel
  • Look: Police rescue after two weeks with head stuck in plastic jar

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