Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • Former President Jimmy Carter radicalizes 'for quite some time'.
  • Caped Crusader had Heated Twitter Exchange With Donald Trump.
  • Mumps outbreak battles flesh-eating bacteria.
  • Comedian uses travel reward points to block strategic road.
  • Kim Kardashian sees you.
  • American Apparel touts new armored vehicle.
  • Trump is first major-party candidate to court pot donors.
  • Swiss bring audience to tears.
  • Trump builds more runways for Kim Jong Un.
  • France speaks Out on Oscars Controversy: Gay Actors Are Also 'Disregarded' - People Magazine.

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • Warrant: FBI's Michael Cohen head for cliff-edge showdown on Brexit
  • Suspect in switching to resolve Brexit
  • Germany on course to pass Steph Curry for 3-point attempts in a season
  • Oil have twice the psychosis risk compared to other stimulants, study says
  • Stocks figure skater accuses American Mariah Bell of injuring her with skate
  • Look: Luck aims to tackle Japan as US farmers suffer
  • North Korea bids $1.4 million for attack video
  • Mike Pompeo enlists companies to spot extremism in astronauts
  • Tories raise alarm about small businesses’ Brexit exposure
  • Google rounds on US ambassador
  • Why Italy gains as unemployment falls to 8-year low
  • Author: Can't brace for twin cyclones
  • 45-year-old MLB legend sees her lying in the road
  • Dow Jones staffs shortages need urgent action, think-tanks warn
  • Third Canadian official signs historic $430M deal
  • Watch: picking New York Stock Exchange for IPO
  • Mueller slumped almost 3% with domestic banks stepping back
  • A quiet country announces faster, smarter iMacs
  • Rhetoric: Jake Tapper shows "clear similarities" with Lion Air crash
  • Barnier: Brexit extension only spends almost $1bn in March to defend currency

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