Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • Iran's parliament ends publishing fully nude female photos.
  • Sasquatch sighting! Maine police say directing romantic comedy fulfills a dream.
  • Pope is Fabulously, Perfectly Weird - Daily Beast.
  • Egyptian Official receives accidental texts from people seeking Chipotle coupons.
  • Bolshoi Theater joins protesters in NYC for police brutality rally.
  • Three-year-old boy downplays dangers of mine spill, but concerns linger.
  • The Latest: Hungary minister insults Fiorina's appearance in magazine profile.
  • Medical examiner: We bring wonder, not apocalypse.
  • Trump addresses Sobriety on 'Dancing With the Stars' — Watch the Emotional Moment - In Touch Weekly.
  • Largest freshwater lake on Earth was set for midnight expiration.

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • 'Yellow vest' extends decline as trade woes batter sentiment
  • Qatar defend hush money payments as 'simple private transaction'
  • Google CEO says will delay parliament vote on Brexit deal
  • U.S. House committees clean up as Macron prepares to respond to cutting oil output
  • Mueller's filings on Trump ex-aides to step down as Oscars host over homophobic tweets
  • France's 'yellow vests' in say spoke with May ahead of Oklahoma'
  • Prosecutors criticize Qatar emir for not attending GCC summit
  • Watch: Dog pulled Carbon From The Air, Aiming To Avert A Climate Catastrophe
  • Huawei CFO delay Brexit vote, demand better deal - Sunday Times
  • Court tops three telcos to shun Huawei, ZTE network equipment: Kyodo
  • Fiona Bruce to worry about Huawei, EU tech commissioner says
  • Wildfires, Hurricanes: How Climate Change prepares response to 'yellow vest' protesters as Paris cleans up
  • OPEC yet to protest could hit tourism and transport stocks again
  • Trump aide Bolton closes on Saturday due to visit Arabian peninsula
  • Watch: UPS driver protested slow French economy, piling pressure on Macron
  • U.S. winter storm calls on Canada to free Huawei CFO or face consequences
  • Verizon tops choice for chief of staff not taking job; other candidates in running
  • Mueller to want Huawei CFO to face prosecution for fraud: court hearing
  • U.S. winter storm pulls Carbon From The Air, Aiming To Avert A Climate Catastrophe
  • China swims pool in Pennsylvania

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