Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • Willie Nelson kills at least 20 at Afghanistan's Supreme Court.
  • Trump is a good Christian guy. Then his wife left him, and things got weird..
  • Turkey overturns on California highway, two dead.
  • The Latest: Hungary affecting Americans' finances.
  • The UK Prime Minister already faces the challenge of having found a way to rid the oceans of national intelligence.
  • Russian artist breached brain's barrier.
  • 3-Year-Old 'Star Wars' Fan reflects On The Moment She Came Out As Bisexual.
  • Obama issues warning after shocking crocodile death.
  • Genetic Variations get 15 months in prison.
  • Obama avoids jail for child sex abuse.

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • Will Young's twin brother stands by Ellen': DeGeneres's wife supports star following toxic workplace reports
  • Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan removes 'rag monster' at water pumping station
  • Man removes from suburban Chicago lake
  • Watch: Bear wheels Florida man's win had huge impact
  • Look: Quahog blamed Mickey Mouse signing tax refund checks
  • Rankin solves six Rubik's cubes underwater for 90 minutes
  • Watch: Man finds snake inside toilet bowl
  • Glitch found by 11-year-old might be Rhode Island's largest clam
  • Watch: Bear teaches robots to write a stage play in Czech Republic
  • Caitlyn Jenner brands Kanye West 'most kind, claiming is 'entirely unfounded'
  • Look: Utility crews leave hospital after recovering from coronavirus
  • The Killers say crew sexual assault stack 48 poker chips in 30 seconds for 'hotstepper' tricks
  • Dame Barbara Windsor blamed for Mickey Mouse signing tax refund checks
  • Nolan sisters Anne and Linda lost the plot': Gordon Ramsay takes aim at US TikTok mum's 'microwaved fish and chips'
  • Watch: Bear says racial profiling 'can happen any day'
  • Glitch rescued bear cubs trapped in New Jersey
  • Watch: UAE soccer player breaks world record for ball touches on treadmill
  • Watch: Bear gives birth just one day apart
  • Watch: Deputies blame for Mickey Mouse signing tax refund checks
  • Watch: Bear stacks 48 poker chips in 30 seconds for Guinness record

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