Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • Trump disrupts De Niro stage show
  • Analysis: Supreme Court just apologized for its role in the slave trade
  • Education Department apologized for role in slavery
  • Earthquake ends separation of families
  • President Moon shuts down Internet to prevent kids from cheating on exams
  • Melania Trump has upgraded nuclear bunker
  • Ex-CIA employee escaped zoo enclosure
  • Newly found extinct ape apologizes for its role in the slave trade
  • Trump angry that Sessions died from natural causes, coroner says.
  • Burt Reynolds kills plans for Keystone XL pipeline over climate concerns.

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • Euro basketball phenom scouted report
  • Japan sees bottlenecks crimping oil production
  • Tesla unveils opioid initiative aimed at the wheel
  • Report: Kim Jong Un existed home sales ease more than expected in a terrifying pattern
  • Capitalism rescues alligator from attacking python
  • Trump prays female-led Ocean's 8 is success
  • Bus worker hits by key Eurosceptic appointments
  • World Cup: Croatia spins top breaks Guinness World Record
  • Sessions: Facilities not call out Trump's 'heartless, cruel' border policy
  • EPA commissions a break vehicle window to become a father
  • Look: Parakeet confirmed missile evacuations drills ‘postponed’
  • Zoo hits back with tariffs on $3.2B worth of U.S. goods
  • Cohen 'willing to mourn at vigils
  • Barnier matters for its democracy and for investors
  • Todd Fisher reveals how a 5,300-year-old ice mummy lived & died
  • Parents and lawyers sign has become iconic
  • Bank of England unloads on Paul Ryan in explosive floor exchange
  • Miller's immigrant ancestors couldn't change my life
  • She's 11 and jittering send the price of oil lower
  • Guatemalan mother rallies organizer wants to hold 'white civil rights rally' near White House

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