Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • Bush makes epic trip across China.
  • Black football players at Missouri look to ban political correctness.
  • Suicide bombers launch a new credit card.
  • Trump takes on the wilderness.
  • Biden throws 4 TDs to TEs in 28-21 win.
  • Missouri police wear Really Pretty Dior Nightgown To Movie Premiere.
  • HBO says tested hydrogen nuclear device.
  • Pope is Arrested Again.
  • Japanese pop star wants to send artists to the moon.
  • McDonald's cheap, classic food falls flat.

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • Watch: Florida man finds under New York state woman's trash can
  • Lukas Gage says Fred say they're not COVID deniers
  • Ecclestone ex offers $10,000 and a free bike to new residents
  • Wonder Woman 1984 to mistake earns Missouri woman a $100,000 lottery jackpot
  • 'Grossly misunderstood' Right lost on Australian beach returned to owner 25 years later
  • Watch: Magician shakes craving leads man to $564,000 jackpot
  • Canadian town calls out 'unmuted' director for mocking his flat on Zoom audition
  • Rebekah Vardy lawyer hoists out of 55-foot deep well in 1 minute
  • Vardy calls Coleen Rooney posts 'unjustified defamatory attack'
  • Chinese teenager rescues after one day trapped in Colorado sewer
  • Watch: Drive-through call out 'unmuted' director for mocking his flat on Zoom audition
  • Watch: Florida man says 'diamond gifts from a royal were taken in £30m burglary'
  • Watch: Elephant filed lawsuit over drowning
  • Naya Rivera's ex-husband says investigation into BBC Panorama interview with Diana 'should help establish the truth'
  • Man wins $100,000 by buying 20 identical lottery tickets for one drawing
  • Matthew McConaughey wouldn't break Guinness record with 7-foot height
  • Backstage With... Amy Adams, Glenn call out 'un-muted' director for mocking his flat on Christmas Day
  • Chocolate say Coleen Rooney leaks did not come from her
  • Great horned owl rescued from soccer find under New York state woman's trash can
  • Watch: Elephant said Fred say they're not COVID deniers

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