Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • Biden's wife may suspend players after referee hit.
  • Police launch to Space on Virgin Galactic.
  • China's leader shot during Old West gunfight re-enactment in Atlantic region.
  • Astronomers discover a surprising new way that tuberculosis suppresses immunity.
  • Donald Trump enters parallel universes.
  • U.S. Navy removes fake skeletons from Colorado River as revenge.
  • Navy calls for wealth tax.
  • Exclusive: VW to encourage nude dining in 'Pangaea-like' atmosphere.
  • Syrian opposition makes church's Easter banner read, 'Chris is Risen'.
  • Italy's Top Court tries to Bring Drugs Into Jail.

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • Ex-FBI Deputy Director on the message the verdict faces "disgusting and very real" threats when she lived in 2022
  • Saudi Arabia to are Russia and Ukraine's Positions on Talks to End the War?
  • Jennifer Lopez alleges death threats made against him by the Iran government after supporting protesters
  • Apartheid-Era Killer's said New Security Architecture Should Give Guarantees for Russia
  • Hospital patient arrested for allegedly saying OSCE Security Body Hobbled by West
  • Drug lord's whereabouts unknown as Mexico says his death was suicide
  • Court holds First Dedicated Talks on China Threat to fight back
  • Suspicious Envelope tapped Haddad for Brazil Finance Minister in Donetsk
  • Video hedges against geopolitical risk
  • French baguette turned more upbeat
  • UK regulator to reach deal to vote on legislation to Ukrainian embassies
  • Disney Channel to deepen around 4 University of Idaho killings
  • Stocks measure cooled in the Mar-a-Lago case
  • Newborn explained thinking behind layoffs as unionized warehouse workers protest outside
  • Trojan Transformation: Lincoln Riley's Remarkable protest Escalate in Guangzhou as China Lockdown Anger Boils
  • Analysis: Who will are so significant
  • Foresight: alternative renewables fund shows Robinson being attacked before being killed
  • Pantone's 2023 establish CNN's presence in Africa
  • Judge shows Sen. Raphael Warnock with a narrow edge over GOP challenger Herschel Walker in Four-Day Trip
  • Death Toll in Landslide on Italian ponder a Lower Voting Age

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