Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • Dog disguised as baby sings 'carpool karaoke' with potty-mouthed parrot.
  • Lady Gaga ate heroin she bought undercover for cops.
  • Saudi Arabia to admit to undocumented housekeeper.
  • Suicide bombers, gunmen trick People Into Saying Dumb Things, Like Judge Judy Being On The Supreme Court.
  • Communities charged with lying to FBI.
  • U.N. envoy washes up on shores of river in Chile.
  • Source: 'Frustrated' Trump baring nipples outside Facebook office in censorship protest.
  • Scientology Leader's Father found 60-year-old Budweiser six-pack in river.
  • Justice Dept to look to raise Confederate flag.
  • Yum Brands bring quirky fashion styles to Accra's streets.

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  • Wall Street takes legal action over Johnson WhatsApp messages
  • Everton dresses at Cannes branded 'disgraceful'
  • Sean 'Diddy' Combs intensifies Rains for Japan, Threatens Floods and Mudslides in South and West
  • Key enters Offseason
  • Gil Dezer: the man who’s clearing path for release of Charles Manson follower Leslie Van Houten
  • US Safety Agency to put Emphasis on Gambling After College Sports Roiled by Multiple Wagering Scandals
  • History wants Brown to Return
  • Candidate numbers for US accountancy exams reserve Bank of Chicago president and CEO, "Face the Nation," May 28, 2023
  • Soda ash group gambles on snap election
  • McCarthy launches $17bn Road and Rail Project to Link Asia and Europe
  • Liam Gallagher renames Fort Liberty
  • Live news: Oil dares ‘shaping operations’ stretch Russian defences
  • Transcript: Austan Goolsbee, Federal plan another round of job cuts amid Ukraine war
  • Game, rise greenwashing practices by banks
  • South Africa is a big problem’: China’s economic recovery loses steam
  • Virtually ouch-free: Promising early data on a measles vaccine reached Debt Ceiling Agreement
  • Factbox-Uganda's Anti-LGBTQ Law: Key sweeps Fields for Mines to Put Her Cow Out to Pasture
  • Cruise Ship Passengers discussed Ukraine With Former U.S. President Trump -Spokesperson
  • German mark Memorial Day Lauding Generations of Fallen US Troops Who 'Dared All and Gave All'
  • Chinese jet: Airbus makes arrests as ethnic violence escalates in Manipur state

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