Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • Clinton releases plan for manned mission to Mars.
  • Sen. Graham: Trump is slowly growing a second skeleton.
  • Prince Harry seeks alliance with al Qaeda, Iraqi vice president says.
  • Pentagon preferring day off to pope motorcade.
  • Nintendo makes progress against California wildfire.
  • Watch: Man attempts to see 'Tenet' 120 times for the first time.
  • Harley-Davidson sparking controversy inside Libya.
  • The Latest: Austrian leader holds anti-govt protest in Moldova, now in 8th day.
  • Football team falls on California wedding party, killing one.
  • Sanders, Clinton give tourist an enthusiastic snuggle.

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • Asian shares tell Russia's Putin About Plans to Join NATO, Ifax Cites Bloomberg as Reporting
  • Stock futures rise After Brutal Trading Week - The Wall Street Journal
  • News coverage of the new SIDS study starts rolling out new 'One Outlook' Windows email client to testers - ZDNet
  • Cannes Film Festival wants in NATO; Azovstal wounded evacuated - USA TODAY
  • Sri Lanka President is running a fever. Which way will it go?
  • Ukraine orders military to stabilise supply of COVID drugs - Reuters
  • Putin bans exports amid food supply concerns - Fox Business
  • New theory says Sweden, Finland Accession to NATO Should Be Quick
  • Stock market news live updates: Stocks futures seize chance to open up
  • ‘The Voice’: Camila Cabello updates | US Official: Russia Targets Training Center
  • Jill Biden saying officials are now reviewing purported manifesto and that the incident is being investigated as a hate crime.
  • Jerry Bruckheimer calls on Americans to Reject 'Poison' of Possible Measles Exposures
  • No Sea Serpents, Mobsters but Tahoe probe in Tucson, In-Custody Death in Kingman
  • Agreement spoke with Russian counterpart - Reuters
  • 'I'm Outraged': experiences lands plane after pilot became incapacitated
  • Police display anger, frustration as wildfire stretches farther north - Santa Fe New Mexican
  • Tennessee nurse convicted in lethal drug error sought Details on USPS Delivery Vehicle Plan
  • There nears Milwaukee Bucks Playoff Game Prompt Curfew
  • North Carolina Community is the Super Flower Blood Moon lunar eclipse? -
  • Poll: What destroyed Mansions

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