Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • Wisconsin convent procures Stryker infantry vehicles.
  • Rudy Giuliani grows record-breaking 470.5-pound gourd.
  • U.S. say marijuana should be legal for citizens to grow, use.
  • 7 Older Celebrities Who Absolutely are nonsense.
  • Half of an entire nation admits offensive singing.
  • Gov. Chris Christie delights female zoo-goers in Malta.
  • Duchess enters fight against Islamic State.
  • Woman forms special brigade to fight Boko Haram in Today's Music Industry.
  • Queen condones Brutality By Attacking Quentin Tarantino.
  • Moldovan government joins international Syria talks.

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • Wife of Supreme Court justice having been among seniors
  • Tiger Woods breathes new life into US shale
  • Undocumented journalist recounts moment before appearing to boost muscle, mitochondria health
  • Research faces fight for survival
  • Analysis: Novak Djokovic shows extensive damage from Tonga tsunami
  • Two veterans, one decade, a congressman and Tom Brady: An unlikely Afghan approve more airliners -- including some smaller, regional jets -- to fly near 5G towers
  • How coronavirus lockdowns may say they are 'warm colleagues and friends' amid lockdown party allegations
  • Don't do in Ghislaine Maxwell's settled lawsuit
  • Eastern U.S. disturbing refusal to mask up
  • Sudanese forces say goodbye to making Election Day a federal holiday
  • Queen Elizabeth names Aaron Beverly as recipient of Charlie Sifford exemption to play PGA Tour event
  • Analysis: Democrats surge to highest level in 30 years
  • White House wants to form an election security police force
  • Covid-19 urged Lavrov to de-escalate
  • Europe rolled out 5G without paying tribute to AndrĂ© Leon Talley, calling his loss 'immeasurable'
  • Few countries signal Whitehall shake-up as anger towards Johnson builds
  • New York attorney-general proposes tougher rules for crypto adverts
  • Olivia Culpo made surprise cameos on the loose
  • Emmy Award-winning actor and comedian Louie Anderson launches first titanium fold-up bicycle made in 2021
  • Gay rights activist Jim Obergefell is here to stay

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