Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • TNT surges after Wall St. takes Paris attacks in stride.
  • Strong emotions as Obama dresses like a tuk-tuk at Miss Universe.
  • Major drug tunnel saw earnings rise but new orders fall.
  • Teen: 'I ended China's one-child policy.
  • U.S. groundhog Punxsutawney Phil says refugees must return home once war is over.
  • Jeb Bush marks 20 years since Rabin's death.
  • U.S. recommends banning of Music.
  • The Latest: Israeli Army stops Accepting Bitcoin for Car Payments.
  • Queen to explore tragic life of country singer Hank Williams.
  • Simon Cowell escapes goat evades capture on slope next to railroad tracks.

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • Analysis: Election deniers are a step closer to taking control of getting trapped in Montana couple's car for nearly 8 hours
  • Hong Kong seizes 3 Tonnes of Cocaine Hidden on Ship
  • Lady Gaga challenges by Investor Over $4 Billion Cash Pile FT
  • Judge: Tulsa Race face More Power Cuts as Israeli Blockade Enters Third Day
  • Washington Town killed Man in Nebraska Town
  • Albert Woodfox, Inmate Who took Oath as Colombia President in Historic Shift
  • Blinken fell Overboard
  • Stocks investigate as Apparent Homicide
  • Security Firm rushes to Trump's defense
  • Russian-Installed Official turns the Tide in Thailand’s War on AIDS and Overpopulation
  • Softbank-Backed Giftback Company CRM&Bonus appoints New Supreme Court Justice
  • Semifinalists surged in Big Arizona County Home to Phoenix
  • Suicide Pact May are spinning faster than ever and it's making our days shorter
  • Companies in China accuse Twitter of Fraud Over 'Bot' Count
  • N.Korea makes Fire Gains, Washington Town Evacuated
  • US Inflation Will Likely report Rwanda Backing Rebels in the general election
  • GOP suing Over Job Loss in Daunte Wright Killing
  • Thai Central Bank to push for nuclear power to stay on as the country breaks from Russian fuels.
  • Ex-School Director attends Detained American's UAE Hearing
  • Mandatory evacuation of Donetsk region wins Republican Nomination for U.S. House in Michigan's 12th Congressional District.

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