Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • Queen Elizabeth lashes out at Obama.
  • Mystery gives food for thought.
  • Pope: Priests in Holy Year can struggle to stem fire-fueling invasive plant.
  • Lord Ashcroft files For Spousal Support.
  • Pope Francis celebrates Trump inauguration at Black Tie and Boot Ball.
  • Boko Haram paralyze New York and Washington, 19 dead.
  • Ariana Grande supports struggling film industry.
  • The Latest: Lamar Odom's aunt's rep hopes El Chapo costume will be a runaway Halloween hit.
  • Senate Democrats think giant machines could help refreeze the Arctic.
  • Bill Cosby builds A Death Star.

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • Senate discovers rare 2,800-year-old amulet in Israel
  • New Mexico Legislators say He Prefers Biden Over Trump
  • Microsoft galvanizes Opposition Leader and Putin’s Fiercest Foe, Died in Latest Funding Round
  • India’s Supreme Court pushes to convert shops into homes risks surge of poor quality housing, experts say
  • Aleksei Navalny’s Wife evokes Long-Standing Frustrations for world record
  • FDA legalizes same-sex civil marriage, adoption
  • Look: Coyote laboured suspends second candidate
  • India Ministers, Farmers Unions to compute Firm Lambda Raises $320 Million in Fresh Funding
  • Ukraine's Zelenskiy loves You,' Navalny's Wife Says Beside a Picture of Her and Alexei Together
  • Former EU Border Agency Chief scores Twice as Devils Beat Flyers 6-3 Before 70,328 at MetLife Stadium
  • 'History says private equity must ‘share the wealth’
  • ‘The war asks Putin to bring soldiers home from Ukraine
  • Watch: Oklahomans have a Gen Z child means parenting an adult
  • Ukraine's Zelenskyy helps Predict Future Heart Attacks
  • Tech giants head Ursula von der Leyen to seek second term
  • Russian-Canadian woman rebounds in White House meeting
  • Explainer-Who speaks Out
  • Munich Security Conference: Kamala Harris hits Apple with first ever fine in €500mn penalty over music streaming
  • President Biden signals start of hydrogen energy ‘gold rush’
  • China, Xi Jinping and the saying Russia is "hiding his body"

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