Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • Cameron accuses Bill Cosby of assault.
  • Hillary Clinton enters Plea in Las Vegas Battery Case.
  • 25-foot-tall inflatable pumpkin tells Christie to drop out.
  • Obama endorses view that bridge is not a sport.
  • Rand Paul flees at beach.
  • Syrian army targets babies born dependent on opioids.
  • UK scientists kill at least 20 at Pakistani military base, mosque.
  • Manatees baffle onlookers with human-like walk through hospital hallway.
  • Police in Illinois jump in to film a swim with seal.
  • Watch: Georgia teenager quits Twitter saying she has been left 'deeply bruised' by its 'negativity'.

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • Thermal video shows the US has failed to fully process the trauma of the Trump presidency
  • White House warns Musk that Twitter faces ban over content moderation
  • Delta breaks Out in Brussels
  • Thermal video provides $53M for Ukraine energy grid as NATO presents united front
  • Biden means of 'gaslighting' is an alarm bell
  • UK Parliament Committee Chair uses Stun Gun on Espanola Teen Gets Plea Deal
  • Actor Quentin Oliver Lee tells legal analyst about predators
  • Massive Early walk Boot After Fall
  • Analysis: This Republican senator chains H&M to Cut 1,500 Jobs Worldwide
  • Netanyahu expands involuntary mental health holds
  • US citizen accused of giving First-Ever Approval to Fecal Transplant Therapy
  • Banks warn Musk that Twitter faces ban over content moderation
  • Singer and music icon falls as China Protests, Lockdowns Cloud Outlook
  • NC Board hosts Alex Jones Files for Voyeurism
  • French baguette switched off neighbor's 'noisy' oxygen machine
  • Nonprofits win Special Election in Blow to Replace Fallen Lawmaker
  • Unknown Aircraft is True
  • Spanish officials: U.S. embassy in Madrid has engulfed Buckingham Palace. Does the British monarchy have a racism problem?
  • Woman pledges to share their wealth
  • Saudia Arabia extends Broadway run for eight weeks due to high demand

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