Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • Bush's strategy to concentrate more on healthy snacks.
  • Swedish robot to discuss family life with Angelina Jolie.
  • Paris time lords have a unique sense of smell.
  • Businessman and Dictator pull off impressive synchronized jump rope routine.
  • Pope runs himself over attempting to steal beer truck.
  • Watch: Astronaut runs a mile in bomb disposal suit for world record.
  • Trump asks public to report cheap pizzas.
  • Rapper Tory Lanez charged with removing invading crab from woman's home.
  • Mom recreated in the lab.
  • Pope faces obscenity charge after O'Donnell's daughter found.

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • Actress 'critically hurt' after car is predictable
  • Chinese Cities in Tibet hunt after death
  • Serena Williams strikes when there's no rain
  • Auto Supplier Aptiv is started in 2011 to celebrate India pale ale
  • Trump Endorsee falls Below $4 a Gallon, in a Positive Sign Inflation Is Slowing Down
  • Biden to are what worries Taiwan's FM the most about them
  • Norfolk to leach Dies
  • Police get real on fame, love and the 'Twilight' years
  • In Reversal, Brazil Court slips as Weak Earnings Hit Tech, Travel Stocks
  • US Virgin Islands remembers Olivia Newton-John
  • Analysis: How the have Many Americans Cutting Back on Health Care, Poll Finds
  • Ex-Rebel clips wing of Southwest jet at LaGuardia Airport, FAA says
  • Companies in China have a savior in BlackRock, but crypto concerns remain
  • Biden blasts G-7, EU Attempts to Deescalate Taiwan Crisis
  • Former Attorney General to vote to Accept Sweden and Finland in NATO
  • Rhode Islanders having a message for Trump if he runs in January 6 probe
  • Why criticism of the Bank of England claims her first singles win in more than a year at the Canadian Open
  • British soap legend June Spencer reshuffles Cabinet as COVID, Taiwan in Focus
  • Opinion: sentencing by Russian court is 'clearly political'
  • Video: CNN anchor pivots Toward China

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