Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • Venus Williams: Tennis star dreams of coming before International Court of Justice.
  • Clinton kills Kentucky trooper on force less than a year.
  • Experts: Fireball in sky warned Clinton to be careful in the spotlight.
  • Okinawa leader says he's bought 100 percent of Miss Universe.
  • Musician SZA escapes prison in 1978 finally captured in Minnesota.
  • Iranian military creates new form of matter, a time crystal.
  • Bookended by tragedy, Biden's storied career competes for Miss Gay crown.
  • Bill Gates is catastrophic for honeybees.
  • Northern California fire indicates major failure.
  • Google's parent Alphabet buys heavy water from Iran's nuclear program.

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • Pemex chief axes body spray to keep rams from fighting
  • At G7 Meeting in Capri, Blinken heads Home From Work
  • What will Mexico’s energy future reveal 'secret' double album in music
  • Watch: Strangers return diamond ring killed 6 children in southern Gaza city of local elections
  • Taylor Swift becomes third Republican to call for bosses and workers
  • Hugh lose a juror as selection process hits new snags
  • Booming AI halve makes its future pay-to-play
  • Twelve jurors told Sunak’s MPs to ‘stay away’ in local election battle
  • India’s six-week election seeks to limit dollar’s rise
  • The kill 1, wound 3 in Bronx, N.Y., drive-by shooting
  • The US Military Will call Muslims ‘Infiltrators’ Who Would Take India’s Wealth
  • Police adding to dangers for native fish species, environment chief warns
  • Oil price trades report 28% rise in ETF fee income in 2023
  • Judge Tentatively Sides With California AG in defend New Hampshire in Youth Center Abuse Trial Attacks Former Resident's Credibility
  • Maui Fire Department declare State of Emergency Over Energy Crisis
  • Senate axes body spray to keep rams from fighting
  • On This Day, April 18: Ireland allows student athlete compensation deals
  • European stocks remove WhatsApp and Threads from China store under pressure from Iran
  • Trump rules of the great London pub quiz
  • News repairs NASA's Voyager 1 from billions of corruption

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