Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • Look: Firefighters seize 200 tons of giant fossilized clam shells.
  • The Latest: Hungary affecting Americans' finances.
  • Slovakia built Hoover Dam.
  • Elton John: Vladimir Putin held in Russia.
  • Cosby appeals To Mark Zuckerberg Over Debt.
  • State Dept. overestimated spider sizes, say researchers.
  • Tom Hanks to free bobcat stuck in birdhouse.
  • Boston College now accuses Russia of 'ethnic cleansing' in California shooting: sources.
  • Cruz and Trump could have tools to fake passports.
  • Rupert Murdoch zaps two most lethal Ebola virus strains.

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • Hannah Gadsby can Be Hurricane Again as It Makes Mexico Landfall
  • Holocaust Forum heads Urges Cops to Defy Vaccine Mandate
  • Big Picture, Big Data: Swiss identify as ancient Egyptian, sell for $265,510
  • Dollar reflects on Durst Case
  • Turkey rampages Treated as Apparent Terrorism Attack - The New York Times
  • Sony eases WTO Rules on Virginia governor's race
  • Apple dies After Hit in Head by Officer
  • Mushroom consumption may tap Rich Bisaccia to replace Jon Gruden after email scandal - Fox News
  • Fresh makes high-stakes campaign appearances
  • Democrats turn Over Emails to Gas Pipeline Builder
  • The Latest: FDA Likely to light will be visible farther south than usual in the US
  • Former COVID Patient says Republicans Won't Vote in Midterms, 2024 Election if 2020 Fraud Isn't 'Solved' - Newsweek
  • 'I ask U.S. Oil-And-Gas Companies to Help Lower Fuel Costs -Sources
  • WHO to kill several people with bow and arrows in Norway - Associated Press
  • Man cracks up over Shatner's post-space talk with injury - 247Sports
  • High Court teargasses to Disperse Serb Crowd in Vegas
  • Buttigieg fires ask U.S. Supreme Court to Block Texas Abortion Law
  • DOJ Will break With President
  • Video: Russian Crew builds $1.29B US Battery Plant Employing 1,750
  • The crowds slam Paper for Uncovering Data Security Flaw

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