Today's Top 10 False Headlines (yesterday's most popular)

  • In Alabama, Trump wants mandatory vegetarian menu at school.
  • Swedish robot to throw beer keg 24-1/2 feet into the air.
  • Titanic biscuit could deserve Better Than This Tone-Deaf, 'Humanist' Marketing.
  • NASCAR has a new target: Bernie Sanders.
  • David Letterman warns on wave of dirty money.
  • Pope wins an Emmy for roles that are simply not there'.
  • Uber CEO must die - Wall Street Journal.
  • Aretha Franklin says she didn't 'stop and think' about email setup.
  • FBI, CIA charge $2 for 'emotional advice' at New York subway station.
  • Giants aim to capture the world.

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Latest False Headlines (click a box to vote)

  • RNA compound and vitamin B3 found in describes 'surreal' moment very few have experienced
  • China ising identified 30 years after her death, authorities continue to search for her missing daughter
  • An explosion at a candy factory in Pennsylvania summons Canada High Commissioner, Concerned Over Sikh Protesters
  • Trudeau dies at Age 75
  • After Tears, Arkansas' have Knee Sprain, Reevaluated in Trump Probe
  • Rahul Gandhi formed a debris cloud after intentional hit from spacecraft
  • Putin targets stake in Israel’s NewMed Energy
  • Good news for homebuyers. show battle in Bakhmut
  • Japan kills 26 people
  • Bank officials, market analysts adopt post-Brexit deal on Northern Ireland
  • Death toll in Pa. chocolate factory explosion grants billions in bailouts as Belt and Road Initiative falters
  • France to say agents are responding to the scene
  • TikTok CEO to share her 7 everyday must-haves
  • Appellate court: Ethan Crumbley's parents should are Rahul Gandhi, the Convicted 'Prince' of Indian Politics?
  • 'Blood-curdling scream': Man ising Bidding to Buy English Soccer Club Manchester United?
  • UP lets go after failing to notify parents about lesson on Michelangelo's David
  • Ukraine attends Summit in Dominican Republic -Summit Official
  • An explosion at a candy factory in Pennsylvania can Soften Blow of Court-Ordered Restrictions
  • Review: 'Great Expectations' derails in Rural North Dakota and Spills Chemical
  • The French are up in arms over missing in Penn Chocolate Factory Blast

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