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The New Zoid Times™ [NZT] is a work of art and satire operating by random, unpredictable computerized fragmentation and reformation of news headlines into counterfeit headlines.

All the headlines it produces are accidental and coincidental.

The rules of the NZT computer program apply automatically to all the textual raw material it uses, without any special designation of the identities of anything, such as persons, organizations or products. The inclusion of any person or organization or product in NZT headlines results entirely from random activity and is unintentional, accidental and coincidental.

Headlines which contain material mixed in by users are visible only to them and to those with whom they choose to share those headlines. Users are solely responsible for those headlines and should not share headlines in which their mixed-in material makes the headline appear defamatory, obscene, harassing or otherwise objectionable.

Users may only share NZT headlines in a manner which reveals their true identity as the sharer.

Users may only share NZT headlines when they are accompanied by our accompanying information and our identification of the headlines as either computer-generated by NZT alone or with input by the user.

Users may not use any part of NZT or its headlines for commercial purposes, for profit, for fund-raising, for advertising or for any other form of financial benefit.

The NZT computer program, the headlines it produces and the groupings into which they are compiled are copyrighted to the full extent of the law.